65th Annual Golden Mike Awards®

August 11, 2014

To: Radio and Television News Directors, Managers, Producers, Reporters, Writers, and Videographers

Re: 65th Annual Golden Mike Awards® Contest

The Golden Mike Awards® are just around the corner, so get your best work ready to submit for RTNA’s 65th annual awards contest. We've made some changes again this year, so please read the entire Rules carefully!

Major Changes this Year:

  1. Fresno County has been added to the Contest Area so now the News Departments of stations licensed, and cable companies franchised in Fresno County are eligible for the competition.

  2. Radio stations may now enter both BEST NEWSCAST categories instead of only one.

Key Things to Remember:

If you have any questions, please call Rick Terrell, Golden Mike Awards® Coordinator, at 562-987-4545.

Best of luck in this year’s Golden Mikes Contest, and see you on the awards platform in January!

Very truly yours,

Chris Little

Golden Mike Awards