These procedures are to ensure the security and efficient handling of cases and events in the Compton Courthouse. No filming, photography or electronic recording is permitted in the courthouse except as permitted in the courtroom consistent with California Rules of Court, Rule 980, or in the courthouse consistent with specific court rules or orders. These procedures have been developed for the protection of all parties and are subject to modification based on specific circumstances or wishes of an individual trial court judge in the courtroom, or Superior Court South Central District supervising judge or Compton Municipal Court presiding judge. Violation of these orders will result in contempt of court or monetary sanction pursuant to Code of Civil Procedures 177.5

  1. Law enforcement press passes or other recognized media credentials shall be presented for inspection to Sheriff or Court personnel upon request before bringing in media coverage equipment as defined m Local Court Rule 4.1 (h)¹ and using designated media areas.
  2. Requests for media coverage as defined in Court Rule 4.1 (h) in courtrooms, using the designated form under California Rules of Court, Rule 980, shall be submitted to the trial judge.
  3. Special requests for filming courtrooms, jury rooms or employee work areas shall be made in writing and shall be made through the Los Angeles Superior Court Public Information Officer five days before the proposed filming or photographing is to occur, unless good cause is shown for shorter notice. The request should include the amount of time needed to complete the assignment. Time limits will be strictly enforced.
  4. Media coverage as defined in Court Rule 4.1 (h) shall occur only in the designated media area and not in any hallway or elevator outside of the designated area. Hand-held audio tape recorders are permitted in the courthouse outside of the courtroom, so long as they comply with paragraph 11.
  5. Designated media areas for media interviews as defined in Court Rule 4.1 (h), press conferences and on-camera statements to the media are:
    • 4th floor - Southwest corner of the corridor.
    • 5th floor - Southwest corner of the corridor.
    • 6th floor - Southwest corner of the corridor.
    • 9th floor - Northeast corner of the corridor.
    • 10th floor - Southwest corner of the corridor.
    • 11th floor - Southwest corner of the corridor.
    • 12th floor - Northeast corner of the corridor.
    Cameras must shoot toward the wall in these designated areas.
  6. Each designated area shall be posted with signs.
  7. One television camera and one still camera shall serve as a pool for all news organizations.
  8. Equipment and devices used for media coverage as defined in Court Rule 4.1(h) shall be turned off while being transported to the designated media area or courtrooms unless otherwise permitted in writing by the supervising judge of the courthouse.
  9. If audio recording is not permitted by the trial court judge, audio recorders may still be taken into the courtroom so long as they are not turned on and remain inside an enclosed case or bag, unless specifically prohibited by the trial court judge.
  10. Media personnel shall not attempt to photograph or interview any juror serving in the Compton Courthouse unless the juror has been excused from further jury service. After a case is concluded, media may interview jurors with their consent and in a designated area while in the courthouse.
  11. At no time shall any grouping of people in any hallway, entrance or exit become so large as to prevent normal movement of people. Any medai interview that causes a hallway, entrance, or exit to be blocked shall be moved to the outside of the courthouse.

Dated: November 12, 1999
Signed: Rose Hom
Supervising Judge
South Central District
Los Angeles Superior Court
Signed: Ronald V. Skyers
Presiding Judge
Compton Municipal Court

¹ Local Court Rule 4.1(h). "Media coverage" means any photographing, recording, or broadcasting of court proceedings by the media using television, radio, photographic or recording equipment.